Free 360 Spherical Panorama Capture Tool (And getting trolled by Marketplace staff)

According to the posts in the thread above, since 5.1, there should be some option to enable Lumen in scene captures. So if you edit the 360 camera blueprint, you should be able to enable that new setting on each of the Scene Capture components.

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Thanks for the blueprint. Greatly appreciated.

Show flags I’ve enabled/disabled in the Details panel of each SceneCapture2d component in the Scene outliner, are they used when the Blueprint is executed or are they set somewhere else?

I can see Lumen being captured when I select an individual SceneCapture2d camera and set a new Canvas Render Target to it and enable “capture every frame”, I then disable that when finished testing and execute the blueprint through the Sequencer as mentioned in the tutorial above, however Lumen does not seem to be captured in those outputs.

I’m wondering if there’s something in the blueprint which loads another instance of the showflags where I need to enable lumen instead of just in the scene outlier?

I’ve also changed the same ShowFlags for each SceneCapture2d component inside the blueprint with no luck, except when I save out manually using a new CanvasRenderTarget
for each camera separately as I just mentioned above.

I guess a solution would be to save each view separately and use the M_CaptureMTL material to stitch them together, by replacing the TexObjects in the material graph. :thinking:

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Thanks for sharing!
Is there a way to capture video with only 180 degrees of frontal view?