FPS Drop Between Ue4 and Ue5


Did you have the same fps drop between first person template UE4 and the new one ?

I have only 80 FPS with a blank new project.Or it’s my RTX2080TI and my 5900x where is
to old. :crazy_face:


If you have virtual shadow maps and lumen enabled in the project settings you’re naturally going to have a worse framerate. If you disable those two things you should probably get more or less the same framerate as of UE4.


I have remove lumen but fps are the same.

Yep. Same issue. I would get over 200fps in UE4. 80-100 for UE5.

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Also noticed the projects I’ve tried converting so far have worse performance in UE5, though maybe expected of an early access as they’ll be doing more optimisations.

Right now most of my UE4 projects run ~20% slower in UE5 with identical (non Lumen) setup.

Same for me, all of my converted projects have 20% - 30% lower fps on UE5 compared to UE4.26.

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I think we should give some time to developers to fix this.After all this is a big project

Well, that’s a lot better than my case.
5 out of 5 converted projects just crash when you hit play…

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To be fair mine are relatively simple projects I’ve tried so far (just random art test things, no C++ or blueprints or anything). I was too scared to try an actual game project this early.

Just make a copy. If it doesn’t work delete it.

Depending on the project starting from scratch may be a better solution.

Thing is, as per topic, the base performance is even worse than .26

So you have 120fps on .25, 100fps in .26 and now around 80fps in 5.

It’s a helluva downward trend. And aside from 1 topic in which one of the devs seemed to acknowledge the problem, it really seams like everyone else at epic DGAF.

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Everything works fine for me, only problem I’m facing is that my UE4 high poly meshes crashes the editor when I enable nanite on them.

That’s very strange, I have a 1080 ti and a 2700x and I get 120 fps on a new project. Seems to be something wrong on your end. How much RAM do you have or does that even matter?

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I have a GTX 1070, 16GB and a 3,4GHz Threadripper. Using the 3rd Person Template with Lumen and Virtual Texturing enabled (without using the latter yet).

The blank project (ie empty screen) starts around 50 fps, the Sky level around 35-40 fps. If I draw in 3 or four of Quixels Nanite rocks, the framerate drops to about 10-15 fps.

I understand my GFX card isn’t the newest kid on the block, and an early access version will be unoptimized, but this makes me wonder about the minimum specs and where the final, optimized version will be in terms of performance.

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The final specs?
It’s an engine. It’s supposed to be able to capably handle everything, from mobile to PC with consistency.

And the demo they released about a yeat ago surely made it sound like it would. Except obviously not, QED.

Ram only matters if you are trying to load stuff in memory. The templates have like 10 meshes and a character. Hardly anything to load ram wise. So no.

Also having same fps issues on a 1080 and a 3080.
So while I’m glad it works for you. I would like it better if you told us why

so you need a better pc because i am not having this much problem
I have 16 GB RAM
i9 9th gen intel processor and amd radeon 5500m pro graphics card

In the unreal engine 5 trailer, they told that there will be no polygons counting and therefore the engine will run faster.Is this true.
I had’nt checked it yet

For testing i remove Lumen and virtual shadow from the first person template
i have -100 fps compared to UE4.26.When disable both i have around 170 fps.
I am a little disappointed, i think it’s better to stay on the UE4.26 for the moment
When i look Australia with DLSS it’s really better 160 fps on 3080 X 1080 monitor.
If you say you have 170 fps without Lumen and virtual shadow with nothing in the scene
what will it be with Nanite and AI Niagara or networked stuff.

I now it’s Early access but i think it was too early he should have waited fo a more
optimized version.I am not saying that UE5 is not good but with this version we can
only do some renders but not making game.

I use Unreal engine since UE3.

Minimum specs for the ValleyoftheAncient is a GTX 1080 with atleast 8GB of VRAM, with 32GB memory.
So I reckon that when you want to use Nanite, these are the specs you might need.

Your GPU i think is the bottleneck here, have you tried it without Lumen?

My pc is eons better than that being basically new. It got nothing to do with hardware. The stats show a GPU bottleneck.

Just tested vr after checking all settings are same the basic vr template with forward renderer has added an extra 4ms to 6ms to frame times making is horrible to use for vr.