4.26 Performance Concerns - Looking at you MostHost_LA

When I submit bugs for some softwares, I used to get some reply. First an auto reply, later on already fixed, already reported, thanks, not bug etc.

My code base is large +30k loc, so I was able to find around 50+ different crashes in ue5 ea. I kept it sorted to submit later as I work offline. But I simply deleted all reports as I felt that the patterns have not changed much here.

I did a rant about the documentation with a positive spin (here) and practically begged with others to get device lost bug fixed (here)

Now days I am porting 1k of my code base to other engines with c++ to see how it works there and is seriously considering my options, to switch to in a couple of years. Because of above reason and uncertainity with apple-epic etc. Switching won’t be extremely hard as everthing is in c++ and I don’t use market place assets. (I do download market place assets, but it’s out of curiosity!)

As others have stated above UE5 is not yet optimized for performace, so I would not recommend OP or anyone to switch to that until it is released. Though there is noticible improvement to culling, there is significant performace drop (1) Physics is also slower in many cases.

NB: Also I am using UE5, but its not for having the latest shiny toy!. It’s for supporting linux gaming properly. Sadly there is no old ue4 branch which work fully and bug free on linux, be it editor or packed game.

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