Forums keep logging me out

its happened a few times for me too so your not alone:).

I thought I was the only one. Keeps happening to my forum account/seller portal on my mobile.

Keeps happening to me too. But i remember someone sayin that this happens often when the software for the forums get changed.

Thanks for the report! I have a report from one of our developers about this as well. I’m talking with our online services team to see what might have happened. If there is any error message at all, please post it here so I can follow up on it. Thanks!


I have a few questions about your repros. After you get logged out from the forums, does it redirect you to the login page and you have to enter your credentials or does it auto-log you in again? Did you check the “remember me” box when you logged in?

I also keep get logged out, started yesterday. I have to manually log in every ~30 minutes which is quite annoying.


For me it doesn’t redirect me to login page, nor it automatically logs me in. I only see the forums how an unregistered user sees it unless I manually go to login page and login. (Remember me is always checked so credentials are saved).

Same here. I do check the “remember me” box, but it has no effect.

Having the same issue, seems to have started fairly recently.

Same here. For me its AnswerHub that’s logging me out (I have remember turned on)

I clicked on this link - which should lead to Marketplace asset on Marketplace, but during Marketplace upgrade all links were changed and now this link redirects here Environment Loops & One­shots in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace . It logged me out with “Signing you out…” page and then redirected to without trying to auto-login back. After I logged in and clicked same link - everything was fine

During the marketplace upgrade was probably expected. The one I’d like to look into further are sessions being lost after 30 minutes.

If one of you guys could do the following for me, it’d be greatly helpful (I can’t seem to repro this - my login does not seem to be lost):

  • Completely log out
  • Log back in
  • Look at your cookies (if you are using Chrome, you can find it in the F12 debugger under the “Resources” tab).
  • Record the value of the following cookies: “EPIC_SSO”, “EPIC_SSO_RM”, “EPIC_SSO_SESSION”, “PHPSESSID”, “uevb_sessionhash”, “bb_sessionhash”
  • Keep using the forums as normal. If you get logged out, please PM me the values above.

Thanks for your help!

I’ll do that, but I don’t have any “bb_sessionhash” cookie here. The others exist.

I’m still getting logged out every time I visit the website on Firefox or my mobile which uses Edge. Not sure how to find the cookies on either though. Isn’t very fun for those of us with very complicated and long passwords. =P

KeePass my man!

I have a super long password for it, it’s encrypted, and I can just click on a password and paste it in. I load it on my keychain USB and update my desktop and keychain database when I need new passcodes.

If you wanna check it out, here is a site that will have it and lots of other useful windows programs. The site makes a bundled installer and doesn’t install crapware either. I use this site to configure all new PCs I have to.

I’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip. =)

Yes I just came online and I’m logged out. It’s the end times. :eek:

We’ve deployed some fixes to the website. I’m hoping that was the root cause of the forum logouts as well so if anyone is still experiencing logouts after today, please let me know.

Yup, kept acting weird and logging me out when trying to access the seller portal. Just happened a second ago as I am typing this (I tried to access my seller portal again), though I’m not sure if the fixes have gone live yet.