Forum Rules/Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Unreal Engine Forums! Within this community, we know that there are a great many levels of experience and expertise, and we ask that you provide respect to your fellow community members above all else.

We’ve drafted a few broad rules. Those who do not follow the rules may be banned from the Unreal Engine forums. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further clarifications.

[01] No explicit materials, warez, spyware, links to malicious programs or illegal software! Offering images, links or information regarding such content will not be tolerated.

[02] Maintain a high level of professionalism. Be **respectful **to other members, and Epic Staff! It is our goal to create a clean forum for the discussion of Unreal Engine. Cursing, swearing, personal attacks or retaliation are not welcome here and will not be tolerated. Trolling, harassment, racist or threatening comments, obscene material or other intentionally annoying behavior is also unacceptable.

[03] Be respectful of the law. This means no discussion of any illegal activities, copyright infringement, or pirated intellectual property.

[04] Keep private information private. All moderator disputes should happen in private message. Public discussion of moderator actions or decisions, private correspondence with an Epic Employee or Epic Representative, Epic Employee contact information, or other personally identifiable information of other members or Epic representatives is not allowed. Posting the personally identifiable information of another user or staff member, including but not limited to their real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or links to personal websites or social networks, without the express consent of that user is not allowed.

[05] Keep discussions on topic! Please refrain from discussions not pertaining to Unreal Engine, Epic Games, or general game development. There are plenty of other places in the vast Internet to discuss your political or social views. Topics related to illegal drug use are also not permitted.

[06] Keep signatures to a reasonable size. Refrain from using images wider than 600px and 100px tall in your signature or having signatures that are more than 5 lines total, using fonts no larger than the default forums size. Please do not use GIFs as they are very large and distracting if animated. While it is fine to include links to your videos or livestreams, do not embed videos into your signature. We want you to have the ability to express yourself, please be respectful of other forum readers when designing your signature by adhering to these guidelines

[07] NO SPAMMING! Creating threads that are off topic, empty posts, or posts with no relation to the current thread will not be tolerated. Threads created for the sole purpose of annoying other users or increasing a member’s post count will also be considered spamming.

[08] No double logins! Only one account per person is allowed.

[09] Do not to post any material that is protected by copyright or trademark without the express permission of the owner of the copyright or trademark. You may not post, or link directly to, scans of magazines. You are also not permitted to post images and/or videos of leaked content from any game.

[10] We look to our community to lead by example. Use this opportunity to teach and guide newer members instead of attacking them. Answering someone’s question by telling them to use the search function isn’t very nice, and if the person isn’t familiar with the forum software, not very useful. If you know the answer, share it!

[11] This forum is not rated M. Please keep the potential audience in mind when posting. No extreme violence, highly offensive content, nudity or sexual content. This applies to linking to external websites as well.

[12] This forum and the posts within it are the property of Epic Games, Inc. If we think that someone is making the forums a less pleasant place for our customers to discuss our products, we’ll remove the messages or accounts as we see fit.

We at Epic Games want to make Unreal Engine great, and so we absolutely welcome constructive criticism of our products. We have established this forum because we really do care about your suggestions for future features, iterations, and planning, but in doing so we want to ensure that all participants have a beneficial and positive experience.

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!