Reviews and Questions Moderation

Hello everybody,

We wanted to provide an update on how we are handling post moderation for questions and reviews on the UE Marketplace going forward.

It’s important that all members of our community maintain a high level of professionalism while being courteous, approachable, responsive, and respectful toward others; spam, harassment, or abusive language will not be tolerated.


The Question section on a product page is reserved for questions regarding the contents of a particular product. This system is intended for potential buyers to ask a question in good faith that will help them better understand the functionality of the product.

Epic may moderate posts that:

  • Do not contain a question
    • All posts in the Questions section should contain a question that is relevant to the product.
    • Comments or attacks framed as a question are not considered valid.
  • Contain spam
  • Include questions regarding the price of the product. If you suspect someone of price manipulation please submit a Support ticket to the Marketplace team for investigation.


The purpose of UE Marketplace reviews is to help potential customers make an informed decision and to provide constructive feedback to the seller. Reviews should be based on the customer’s firsthand experience with the product.

If a seller chooses to respond to a review, the seller’s focus should be on addressing issues that the buyer raised. A healthy conversation is beneficial to the customer that bought the product, potential customers, and can also reflect well on the seller. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Epic may moderate posts for the following reasons:

  • Contains unwanted commercial content or spam
    • Reviews that only contain Discord verification should be posted in the questions section until an official verification system is implemented. Once the user is verified, the seller can report the question and let the Marketplace team know it is resolved and we will remove it.
    • Redirects to other online stores are not permitted.
  • Contains pornography or sexually explicit material, hate speech, graphic violence, harassment, or bullying behavior.
  • Review not relevant to the product
    • Reviews that only rate the seller practices, with no information on the actual product, are considered not relevant.
    • Reviews that are feature requests outside the product description will be removed.
  • Duplicate reviews across multiple products are not accepted and must be specifically relevant to each unique product.
  • A review should not be used as a means to get product support. We recommend reaching out to the seller for any issues with the product. All sellers are required to provide support information on their seller profile.
  • Review clearly contains technically misleading information about the product. However, we will not arbitrate every dispute nor attempt to verify every claim. If a buyer reports that they had an issue, we take that at face value and leave it to the buyer and seller to work things out. If a reviewer chooses to update a review based on the support they received, they are welcome to do so.

All posts should also comply with our Forum Rules. Violations of these rules may result in the suspension or removal of posting permissions on products in the UE Marketplace, and extreme violations can result in further disciplinary action. Epic reserves the right to remove or lock reviews and questions that are no longer constructive.

Please note that these same standards are applied to any communication made by the product seller in response to a Question or Review.