Fortnite style Locker?

Trying to figure out all the parts of Fortnite’s Locker. The Character selection must be placed in the level with some Camera motion also UI boxes and buttons I guess is a Widget? but can’t figure out the light source and background either solid or gradient.

Any suggestions?

Can you link a video that shows it?

I just assumed everybody would know. :frowning:

Anyways …

Sorry. Yet to give it a go.

Looks like a separate room with separate lighting. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s not a render target. A background like this could be just unlit material gradient. Not sure there’s more to it. It’s just very well put together.

what’s the point of creating such a complex system anyway? it’s good for training and practising but I doubt u have the game that can actually take advantage of this.

You forget some basic facts:

  1. You need actually good graphic designers and technical artists, as well as programmers to make something that looks good in PBR.

  2. You can outsource artwork to India for .2c an hour to get the fortnite style to look like it does.

Let’s also add 3.
Fortnite keeps literally stealing gameplay from other developers. Why the f*ck would we as developers ever support and play it?

  1. They sue Apple claiming Apple is bad, then turn around and do way worse…

And as far as the locker. It sucks.
You could do way way better for the UI of a starting / character select panel.

There’s probably at least 2 spotlights on the character, you should be able to see a shadow on the floor. Settings likely limited to cascade 1.
It’s such a non complex scene that you could literally force raytraced shadows and get a much nicer look.

Yea that is interesting.
Like the world needs yet another clone.

For me the funny part on the whole epic thing is that paragon didn’t take at all, yet fortnite which is actually much worse - on pretty much all aspects - has kept them making billions.
While they rip off more and more developer’s original ideas consistently - because they can’t be bothered to hire someone who actually thinks about that sort of stuff … almost like they didn’t have billions to waste anyway, and cannot afford a $250k yearly salary for someone that’s actually smart enough not to copy other people’s work…

  1. “Copyright law does not protect ideas, methods, or systems.” You can’t “steal” a game genre/mode: PUBG drops Fortnite game lawsuit without explanation | Fortnite | The Guardian.

At the time of the action, legal experts questioned the merit of the suit, which sought to protect ideas rather than specific source code or assets – a difficult case to make in creative industries.

Having speculated over the reasons behind the lawsuit, games industry watchers are now asking why it has been abandoned. One possibility is that the action drew derision within an industry that relies heavily on the exploitation of genres. Fortnite does not use similar graphics or audio assets to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, its cartoon look contrasting with the latter’s realistic, militarised visuals, so the suit appeared to be an attempt to ringfence and monopolise the Battle Royale play style.

  1. Among Us’s genre/mode is not new: it is the classic game of “whodunit”: Whodunit - Wikipedia, Murder mystery game - Wikipedia, Social deduction game - Wikipedia.

  2. While Fortnite does refer to one of the teams as the “impostors”, it accurately describes what the characters of that team literally are: impostors, which is no different than referring to enemies as “enemies” or zombies as “zombies”. In other words, they are named after their role.

  3. In terms of ethics, if you limit a genre/mode to a single game or prohibit another game from using that genre/mode, you prevent that genre/mode from growing in popularity, execution, and creativity. Think if Call of Duty was never allowed to have a zombies mode.

That’s some interesting responses but personally I don’t care if one game looke like another, anybody should be able to just make what they want.


Maybe the game would actually be better.

The rest of your post is pure BS, but I’ll address it anyway.

Ofc there is no copyright claim (in the us).

But epic t’s just constantly ripping off from other games and developers;
Without their consent, without their approval, and without reason really, since they can use the money to make to pay employees to invent and innovate - unlike the companies they rip off from which are usually small teams.

Just because the pugb suit was dropped it doesn’t mean that pugb didn’t make Bank off a settlement.
You don’t know as those details are private.

They could have named the impostor a thousand other things with just an ounce of creativity, instead they have idiots all around the world justifying their actions with similar nonsense to yours.

Yea no. The last thing we need is more stupid games out there.

You could experiment with something along the lines of:

It’s an inverted sphere: Sphere_inversenormals. Fov45

I’m no artist, though.


Trying to force google to inxed this thread or something? Dirty keyword bombing.

You are taking things way out of context.
Making a third person game doesn’t mean you copied previously made third person games.

Making a game in which your terminology and gameplay is exactly the same as that of a different game made by someone else DOES mean you copied.

For instance. They could have made it so in fortnite you don’t parachute down, but rather spawn in a selected area. That would have been at least different enough from PugB to not get sued.
But no. instead they copied the whole thing entirely, without any qualms.
Same as for the more recent copy. And another 100 things they literally ripped off like in save the world.

Just because you are making a base defense against zombies game, doesn’t mean you need to go and copy the way the defenses work from other games - for instance.

Oh and obviously the zombie genre popularity has absolutely nothing to do with COD having a zombie mode. Only you would think it even remotely related really.
For one, cod is not that popular - it may be what you like to play.
It’s a boring pos to everyone else, and actually a living example as to what video games should never do…

Expect to pay $20/hour or more for artists working in India or China. It’s still less than you’d pay in the US, but then you also have to deal with time zone, language, management, and cultural barriers.

If you’re independent, find other independents who share your views, and invest your sweat equity together to make what’s needed.

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That’s almost what I have here but didn’t use the inverted sphere. With the circle underneath I’ve used a translucent unlit circle gradient which blends fine but now don’t have a shadow but isn’t there a way to create a kind of shadow catcher material? I could overlay it.

Almost looks too good. :joy:

Simple setup:

  1. Giant narrow capsule scaled to have a flat side with a two-sided blue material with 0 specular. Though, I’m sure you can use other shapes, too.
  2. Bunch of shadow-casting spotlights and non-shadow-casting point light placed around character. Camera FOV is 60.
  3. Post process material to fade background to blue after a certain distance.


Almost looks too good.

Better than The Original or what?

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Thinking the same thing myself. :joy:

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I did say it doesn’t take much to do better.

Add a bit of a hive like pattern in one of the corners via transparent image into the camera / pp.
The selection boxes via UMG
And you got a custom selection screen that’s actually something.
You can slow use umg images to play with transparency patterns, instead of the PP.

And @Amanda.Schade, we would love for the legal or fortnite teams to counter any point that was made at any time.
The facts remain:
Fortnite just copies over other people’s work without any repercussion, yet your own company tries to “champion” against Apple in an exercise of full hypocrisy…

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midgunner66 can you share a file? can’t get the lighting right. :blush: