Fortnite style Locker?

Thinking the same thing myself. :joy:

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I did say it doesn’t take much to do better.

Add a bit of a hive like pattern in one of the corners via transparent image into the camera / pp.
The selection boxes via UMG
And you got a custom selection screen that’s actually something.
You can slow use umg images to play with transparency patterns, instead of the PP.

And @Amanda.Schade, we would love for the legal or fortnite teams to counter any point that was made at any time.
The facts remain:
Fortnite just copies over other people’s work without any repercussion, yet your own company tries to “champion” against Apple in an exercise of full hypocrisy…

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^This^… Epic have to be cringing after reading comments from the Among Us devs… Anyway nominate Mosthost as a 250k hire to bring original gameplay to Fortnite. :stuck_out_tongue: As regards the menu system… All there is so far is a blue background. Nice, but about as useful as Win7 w/o kernel. :grin: There’s so many inventory systems around its hard to advise, but this is popular / 100% free. @GameDev005 has skills / ability and other free packs that could be combined:

midgunner66 can you share a file? can’t get the lighting right. :blush:

Acrually what irks me more is that they don’t even try to give some sort of bonus to stuff they copy from in the way of game skin or other stuff they do already which would possibly lead players their way.

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Sure (made on version 4.20):

It only has the assets used in the level to keep file is small.

Thank u.

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And you guys are always moaning no one from Epic ever responds to anything :wink:

Seems the trigger is ‘white powder’

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