Font for TextRenderActor.. Awkward font bugs..

so I imported a LCD-style digital font. Testet it with DrawText in the HUD Blueprint of my project. Works perfectly. So in a TextRenderActor I need a material for my text. After some research, I just copied the DefaultMaterialOpaque thing and put the font in it and then this in the TextRenderActor as Material and Font. So there were some awkward hyroglyphs and symbols, but not my text. After some research I found out that I have to do this “Use Distance Field Alpha”. I’ve done that. Nothing happens. Still awkward symbols. So can anybody help me with that. And with the defaut font, the Text is so “unrounded” and has some nooks. Is that normal at this font and when not, how can I fix this. I need a clear LCD text, like It is without those Alpha things with “DrawText” in HUD Blueprint. Thanks.

Please help!

I know this is old, but for anyone who finds this like I just did, you have to right click the font in the content browser and select “reimport” for the settings to actually take effect on the font.

saving the font saves the settings you want, reimporting applies them.