Foliage turn white at distance

Hi !

First at all i’m strictly news on Unreal Engine, i come from Unity so i try to understand how this engine work.
I got an problem with my foliage at close distance it’s look good, but at mid and far distance he turn white, i look on internet and see only one related problem, it look similar as mine, but i made the test of the solution and the problem is still here. So i dont know where the problem comes, i try to change the alpha layer, and seem to have an impacte but i can’t change it more otherwise my texture will be totaly broken.

At close distance evertying look ok :

But at far distance it turn white :

This is my alpha on margin on my texture :

And this is my material :

I fix my problem, just export my atlas to png instead of tga to have transparent base.

I have this exact same problem. Could you expand on how you fixed this issue?

They were using white backgrounds on their foliage atlas. As you get farther away, mipmaps will blend the white background with the image. The solution is to use a technique known as padding or dilation. Use a background color that is the same or similar as the asset, so when the texture downscales it doesn’t filter in an undesired color.