Foliage Touch Bending + LPV Improvements

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Quick and short, I’m really looking forward to touch bending for foliage and for LPV improvements within the next months. Any plans when we can expect touch bending for foliage? Otherwise it’s pretty useless to place any foliage inside our maps… which is unfortunate :confused:

I second that. Touch Bending for vegetation is really important to get immersed in the world specially with next-gen.

Any feedback on this?

lack of foliage bending is only pointless depending on the game type.
but I have to say I’d love this feature as well. IMO it really shows in Assassins Creed IV and greatly helps with immersion

I hope Epic guys won’t waste their time on such specific things and focus on more important features. You can implement such system on your own it’s not a very tricky task

Foliage bending is something you can already do now, what have you tried?

not properly. you either need to code it on your own, or use the proposed trick which uses a materialparametercollection to pass the location of the player (which won’t work with N amount of characters)

All that’s needed is something like the InteractiveFoliageActorfrom UE3, which had a spring system built in. I don’t see why that functionality couldn’t be added specifically for instanced foliage meshes, I just assume UE4 was based on some earlier branch of UE3 and it hasn’t been on epic’s radar since.

But yes, stark / rigid touch-bending is disappointing coming from something like cryengine. Sub-object pivot painting could really bring environments to life if there were more depth to the player interactions.

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Something like that would be helpful :wink:

^I couldn’t agree more. I have a feeling UE4 in general is lacking foliage support (as in, it doesn’t look as nice as the rest, a.k.a. rocks/metals/etc.)

May I ask why all these cool UDK features were removed from UE4? Specifically:

They are all much needed systems that were highly polished even back then, they give the “wow, that’s next gen” factor that is needed now in UE4. I know one forum member attempted to port the Fluid Surface Actor himself from UDK but that doesn’t really work as intended yet and it doesn’t beat a proper implementation by Epic.

Are they on the road map in any way?

Crowd system is now implemented using Detour/Recast navigation library.
Fluid Surface actor plugin exist for a long time already.
Interactive foliage actor is in the code since it was released.

They were never removed, some of these and other features just were not yet ported to UE4 by the time of the first release.

Fluid Surface Actor is not natively supported in UE4 as far as I know, it is no where to be found and no documentation is available for it in the new documentation.

Interactive Foliage Actor? Where is it in UE4?

Fluid surfaces has been implemented by Ehamloptiran and I believe he has also submitted a pull request to get it implemented in the engine source. You can download the latest plugin here:

As for foliage Epic has announced a new “Foliage Shading Model” shown on the trello board here:

Hierarchical Foliage Culling and LOD:

And an early version of the foliage shading model implementation is on GitHub here:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

The issue I meant with foliage is not rendering or shading or culling, it is simply about having it react to the player when you pass through it (imagine you collide with a banana tree leave and it bends nicely, or you moving through bushes and them moving in reaction).

Regarding the Fluid Surface Plugin, this link is for a CPU implementation based on code from UE2 which was converted to work with UE4, it is a great effort but it it does not look as good as the GPU implementation we had in UE3/UDK. I would really wish the Epic team handles this themselves and bring the GPU one.

We actually tried implementing this plugin in our project but it caused several issues and didn’t have the feature set that was in UE3.

Semaphore, Ehamploptiran’s fluid surface actor plugin IS GPU implementation using compute shaders. It also has some improvements over UE3 features, i don’t really understand what is missing.

InteractiveFoliageActor is inside Engine module, it uses InteractiveFoliageComponent.

Additionally there is the pivot painter, as seen in the 4.2 release, which will allow for interactive foliage.

that doesn’t mean it’s implemented into the toolset, nor that it’s supported and working alongside other features (i.e. foliage mode). and it isn’t

but it doesn’t. sure it allows creating wind effects (but this was already doable via WorldPosOffset or VertexPainting even in UDK, years ago), but it doesn’t support interactivity with the player character, which is what is being discussed/requested here :slight_smile:

Just saying, as this could propably interest you, nvidia turf effects are being integrated into ue4 this month.

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Did you know at what time can we use this Nvidia Turf Effects in Ue4?

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This is not accurate. While Mike Skolones and his team have been doing some awesome things these are NVIDIA’s own branches that are available via GitHub.

These may be considered for integration in a future release of UE4 for out-of-the-box use, but not at this time.

I’m super exciting for the things he and his team are doing with this and have been following it closely myself! I don’t want anyone to be disappointed when he and his team put it on GitHub and it’s not included with the EPIC branch or Binary version of the editor. :slight_smile:

For more information, please take a look at this thread: NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums