Foliage Tool crash on specific level

Repro Steps

Action 1 Load Project

Action 2 Select Level (sub-level)

Action 3 Drag a static mesh into the Foliage Tool loading bar (black bar)

Action 4: Click on the ‘Paint’ tool icon

Action 5: CTRL + LMB Click on Landscape object

Result: UE4 Crashes

Frequency: 100%

System: Intel i7 920, 24GB RAM, FirePro 5700 GPU, Windows 8, UE4 Version 4.0.1

Notes: The first things I would look into are the use of static meshes with overlapping UVs as foliage, Level Streaming Volumes (the one I used may have been migrated from another project), and finally I’d look into Foliage Save Files ( I started seeing the crash shortly after I attempted to save those into a folder)

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Hi ruBOT,

Have you been able to reproduce this in a fresh project with no additional modifications? Further can you please post your logs after the editor crashes and what type of video card you are using? Thank you and have a great day!

I’ll try to post logs asap but as far as the other two questions:

  1. I’ve only seen occur on that same project, not on any new ones.
  2. AMD FirePro V5700

Had a similar issue in both UE4 and UDK when I saved foliage settings to a file that later got deleted, (at least in UDK creating or editing a foliage settings asset didn’t trigger a change in the package, which resulted in no save prompt on exit). Whenever I would use the foliage mode in a level that contained these foliage meshes it would result in a crash.

What I did in UDK to “save” the level was to create a new foliage settings file from another mesh, then edit it to replace the missing one (same name and location), I did however not succeed in doing this in UE4 and had to redo the map.

Sorry if this wasn’t very helpful, but it’s all I know that might be related.

link text

Here’s the log file & oh yeah, it’s a FirePro v5800 not v5700.

Hi ruBOT,

I am going to have you try two different things, tell me if either of them reproduce the crash:

  1. create a new blank map in the same project, then create landscape and foliage as you were doing.

  2. create a new, blank project then create the foliage and landscape as you were doing.

Let me know if either of these crash your editor. Thank you!

I’ll try these things today.

Hi ruBOT,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this question as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this issue please comment here with the information requested. Thank you!

Hey Adam,

Your recent message lit a fire under my ■■■ & I got to testing. I got went off a hunch & got the bug to occur.

Here’s the test I did:

Step 1: Create a new empty level
Step 2: Place a box BSP into the created level
Step 3: Select the Foliage tool tab
Step 4: Drag a mesh into the black bar to add
Step 5: Change some random settings from that static mesh (# of instances, scale etc)
Step 6: Save the foliage settings into a ContentBrowser Folder.
Step 7: repeat steps 4-7 with another mesh to increase the number of foliage meshes to two. save Foliage Settings.
Step 8: Save All & Restart Editor.
Step 9: Result: UE4 fails to load the two new Foliage Setting files
Step 10: Make an attempt to paint with the Foliage tool

Bug: UE4 Crashes

Notes: UE4.1, Firepro v5800, i7 920, 24GB RAM, Windows 8.1

This might also contribute to the bug: The two meshes I used both have overlapping UV problems. Let me know and I can retry with other clean meshes.

I’m submitting the crash report via crashReportClient now. 2:40pm Pacific

Here’s a copy of the log file

link text

link text

…and one more. This time I did the test with one mesh that has no overlapping UVs or known errors. I also did not alter any of the meshes’ foliage settings. All I did was save the foliage setting. I saw the file appear in the folder & after that I attempted to paint foliage; I got a crash immediately after.

Upon opening the editor for a 3rd of 4th time now. It’s gotten a little worse as far as crashing.

Same bug, three slightly different triggers:
The first kind crashes UE4 after adding meshes, saving foliage files, exiting UE, and repeating the creation & saving of foliage setting files, then attempting to paint.

The next kind occurs without the need to exit UE4. Note: the editor still allows me to add meshes to the Foliage tool etc…

The third version crashes UE as soon as I open UE and click on the Foliage Tool tab.

I was able to stabilize my project by going to the Explorer folder that I saved the assets in and deleting all the contents. No more crashes after that.

Hi ruBOT,

I am happy to hear that you solved your problem. I will mark this as answered for now. If you come across this crash again please let us know so we can continue tracking to find out what happened. Thank you!