Foliage to static mesh

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to convert my painted foliage which is an instanced foliage actor to static meshes so I can see them in my world outliner panel to have easy access to each single foliage after it’s painted using the foliage tool.
I already tried “Convert to static mesh” option, which is on the menu when you right click on the foliage, but that gives me only one single foliage, after it’s converted.

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

Doesn’t really work that way - static meshes aren’t instanced. If you convert many assets from instanced foliage to static mesh you end up with very low performance.

That said. You could potentially write a Bluetlity script to loop all the instances and place a single static mesh with the same location/rotation/scale.

In rare cases where performance doesn’t matter that’s possible - but if you do so enough you’ll get to the point of crashing the editor too.

@MostHost_LA Thank you! actually I was aware of this and at this point I don’t mind if I get a lower performance since I’m pre-rendering the scene.
I’ll try to do a BP for that and keep you posted.
Do you know anyway to convert all the painted foliage into one single mesh ( like when I have for example 10 different foliage and I want to merge them all into to one static mesh) ?

I don’t think there’s a way for that in the foliage - the foliage does call aggregation on its own which is similar to merging actors.

To do the merge you would need to convert first and run an actor merge after…

I see, you mean converting by a blueprint to extract the mesh from the Instanced mesh foliage actor?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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