Foliage/Texture disappears with distance

I’m starting to notice that the trees, bushes, and grass that I’m adding to my level would disappear almost completely when I walk away from them. I’m ok with this because it will help out performance, but what I’m getting doesn’t look right at all. I tried looking through here, but nothing is working. I’m not using the foliage tool, unless I’m working with grass. So I’m placing the trees and bushes one by one.

Hello SoraJr,

I have a few questions for how you are setting up your bushes and your level.

1.) Do you have any LOD’s on your mesh.
A.) There are settings to adjust at what distance that these LOD’s will be visible.

2.) What exactly are you expecting to see?
A.) Are you expecting to see the bush in full detail at that distance?

Let me know the answers to these questions and I can start helping you with what you are trying to achieve.


I have not mess with any of the LODs settings, so I wouldn’t know. I’m guessing it’s set to default. Also, I’m expecting to see a actual bush from a distance. I’m not too worried about detail because they player won’t get up close and personal.

I fixed my problem for my bushes, but not my trees. By removing a Texture Coordinate I added to the material of the brush. It’s looking the way I want from a distance.