Foliage shadow is not working correctly, how to fix it?

I tried to create foil trees and the shadow is not working correctly, does anyone know how to fix it? I tried in different ways, but it only works correctly when you add each static mesh separately, and any folded instances do not work correctly, here is the problem with the video

Please, help!

I’d say it’s something hinky with that tree mesh. Have you tried a different mesh?

I have 16 types of trees, the foliage is made of planes, when I set one tree directly to the level, then the shadow is always there, when I use the foliage system, then as you can see in this video, the shadow does not work correctly.

Have you by any chance edited the Dynamic Shadow Distance on the directional light?


I use Sunsky which offers by default. I checked the given parameter, here are the values.

Oren_elf_tree06.FBX - Google Drive I have uploaded the FBX tree, you can check if you have time. Thank you.