Foliage renders low quality at a distance

I’m having a problem with the foliage texture resolution in my project. No matter what I do, the textures are rendering at a very low quality from a distance. For example, my new willow tree looks alright in SpeedTree, but when I set it up in UE there’s a massive quality drop off. I notice this on both the leaves and the bark, but it is most obvious on the leaf textures. I’m using Quixel Megascan textures for both the bark and leaves. What I need is the best looking trees possible, optimization doesn’t matter.

This is what I’ve currently been trying and what was suggested on the internet:

The tree only has one LOD

The textures are forced to use no MipMaps (this gives better results vs sharpening)

The textures are all 4K

Created my own leaf material in case the prebuilt one was causing problems (no visible difference)

The engine scalability settings are all set to the highest possible option

Anti Aliasing is set to TemporalAA, all other options cause additional problems

There are no cameras in the scene

Post Processing Volume does not have Depth of Field enabled

Texture Streaming is turned off

I ended up finding a solution, it was actually an issue the the viewport performance settings. If anyone else has this problem, you need to turn off DPI Based Editor Viewport Scaling to see the true resolution of your project.

To do this: Edit → Editor Preferences → Performance → Disable DPI Based Editor Viewport Scaling

Good to know! Tks!