Foliage no longer fading away properly?

I recently upgraded from 4.14 to 4.16, and I re-added the Kite Demo Collection as I was having issues with shaders initially. Most of my problems have been solved, but I noticed now that my foliage doesn’t fade away. When going in/out of cull distance previously, it would fade in/out very well, but now it just pops in/out. How can I fix this?

(Also a side question:I had to change Screen size for all my assets after upgrading from 0 to 1 to get decent performance, but I have no idea what it does and googling results in nothing about the option. Could someone explain what it does or link to some documentation about it?)

There was a change indeed. To get foliage fade you want, you will need to use per-instance fade node in material, plugged in opacity mask.

Screen size determines when LOD change happens.

Thanks, that seems to have worked the most part. It still seems like the last LOD of the trees (The billboards) won’t fade away. The other LOD’s fade in and out wonderfully now though.

(Also is there a way to streamline this a bit better or do I have to just go into every material and add the per instance fade?)