Foliage affecting lighting build times

So trees have been added to my scene, I’ve removed cast static shadow and yet Lighting StaticMesh Info tells me 2GB is going toward the Texture LM, which I understand is Texture Lightmaps. So is there a way I can get Lightmass to not consider the trees in the scene and build my lighting? They contribute to 30-50% of my build times.

Cheers in advance!

Hello Sythen,

You can find your tree inside of your content browser. Double click it and open up your properties menu. On the Lod’s there is an option on whether or not to cast shadows or not.

It’ll be under the material, a little check box.


Great! The foliage now no longer applies to the lightmap data. Yay faster build times for background trees. Thank you! :slight_smile: