Focus issue in cinematics

Hi everyone.

I was making a video and character is out of focus and i don’t get why. I didn’t change any camera settings.

Hi, in sequencer you use a cinematic camera to make the video. Those cameras have a focus distance, like a real camera. So if you focus on something far, the things that are close will become unsharp.

Is your problem that you don’t know how to set/keyframe the focus distance of your camera?

Yeah, that is my problem. Would be great if you could explain this or maybe tell me where i can find information about this.

You might wanna follow this tutorial here and redo it step by step that will give you a solid foundation with sequencer. Sequencer Basics | Unreal Engine Documentation

As for changing the camera focus distance that would be under point 2 - Your First Shot - Cameras
under point 9.

You can use the eyedropper to change the focus distance (so it will focus on the object you select with the eyedropper) or you can type the focus distance in manually.

After you’ve finished the quickstart guide above you might wanna look at those here, I use the crane nearly in every shot:

and after you’ve get accustomed to those/if you want to look something up

omg thank you so much! these are very helpful especially about crane and rail

Resolved in comments