Flickering drop down menu for UE4.27

Can anybody tell me how can I resolve with this issue? Out of sudden, my UE4.27.2 drop down menu flickers, making it impossible for me select anything, even using keyboard arrows. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, however issue still persist. TIA.

Hey there @Ridhwan_Aziz! This issue sometimes crops up from time to time, yours looks like the DPI bug. Sometimes it’s a rendering bug, sometimes it’s a DPI check bug, but there’s fixes for both in this thread over here:

Let me know which fix works for you if they do!

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I actually had an issue similar to this. It’s caused by my NVIDIA GPU. Here’s the fix: After updating to NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 461.09 or newer, some desktop apps may flicker or stutter when resizing the window on some PC configurations | NVIDIA

If that is the fix, that link should probably be stickied…

I haven’t used UE5 much yet, and I also have the fix applied, so I’m not sure if this is also a problem for UE5.

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Ahh yeah great call! MPO absolutely could cause something similar. MPO tends to make the menus black out instead of flicker usually so it slipped my mind originally!

Hi @SupportiveEntity and @LoafingShiba. Thank you for your response and suggestions. I found out that it’s the Enable Window Animations under General - Appearance > User Interface which is causing the drop down menu to flicker.

Screenshot 2022-12-16 170305

I might have accidentally check it when I check the Use Small Tool Bar Icons. Upon unchecking, flickering stops. Nonetheless, I will definitely give a shot the suggestions you guys have given. Thanks once again!

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