Flat Textures

I feel that no matter what I do to my textures, they always come out kinda flat. I’m using two normal maps for depth and extra detail. Plus Tessellation, what am I doing wrong?

Tessellation works best with an object that is already fairly dense. If they are just cubes that have been scaled, the tessellation cannot tessellate it enough to obtain the detail required to show true displacement. You will need to create yourself some cubes with more segments.

What do you mean on an object that is already fairy dense? I don’t understand…

Objects with a decent amount of triangles, like the editor sphere (Thats why tessellation looks good in the preview material). The editor cubes are an example of an object thats bad for tessellation.

You could try parallax occlusion mapping. Take a look at the Content Examples in the Learn tab of the Epic Launcher about how to setup POM.

So in other words, tessellation doesn’t work on flat objects versus a object with more polygons/triangles. If so, based on the texture I’m trying to use, is there anyway for me to make them pop and look more lively?

Thank you so much for your help. Got those results after I used Parallax Occlusion Mapping.