Flashing light bulb on garland

Hi there,
i’d like to do a garland, which lights up one after the other.
Do i must build one BP for each or a single with all light bulb?
Best regards

Make a blueprint with a spline component. Add lights in the construction script, and add them all to an array. Then you’ll be able to control their brightness and color using array indices (with some math involved to make them flash in cetrain patterns).

Go for a single actor with multiple light components (you will want to disable shadow casting if you have many lights).

Didn’t you make a post with some lights flashing in patterns recently?

Follow up: a simple color change pattern:


PS: the gif isn’t perfectly looped so it looks a bit off.

Hi there, quite difficult for me to reproduce your BP,
as shown here:


i’d like to start the first buld lighning and have it all at the end.
i’d done something like this:

There the OP wanted them to light up 1-1-1-1-1-1, then 2-2-2, then 3-3. That involved a lot less math than if you’d want to make the lights flash like in a real garland.

If you mean something else, that wasn’t me =)

Add them to array, and then you can Set Scalar Parameter on Materials for each of them with a timer.

Have you set the emissive material with parameters yet?

for the moment i just made a BP with a point light and i can attach it to a bulb but just one by one,
i wolud like to link in to all the bulbs.
Do i must construct a spline with all the buuble or is it possible to made a scalar parameter for each?

You can add meshes to an array and set scalar parameters for them individually: