Fix Lighting

I’m trying to build a level in UE4, despite of the fact that i’m a noob, i want to know how to get rid of this lighting irregulqrity, thanks,

The best way to get rid of this issue is use a single mesh for each wall and another one for the floor, and another for the ceiling…6 meshes in total. You don’t need modular pieces for this really.

it seems logic,thanks, how can i mark this post as resolved ??

That is a SpotLight, you need to set that light as Moveable, so it will look like a spotlight and it will not bleed all over the level

You can’t make it movable and get GI by building lights. And in any case, it isn’t good practice to use modular pieces for this purpose.

Making it movable will make it dynamic (no GI/reflections). You can increase the lightmass settings to give softer lighting (can’t remember the exact setting as I am at work :P). I will update again when I am back at home.

yeah, you are right for a piece like that it would be better just a single mesh, I would do it like you say, but i’m just telling the OP how to get rid of the seams with a spotlight + modular pieces, and still get the spotlight cone effect… so yeah… dynamic light or use stationary with Indirect lightning to 0.