First Person - Motion Blurring


I have a question about motion blurring. I implemented my own character model (replaced the Mixamo placeholder character) in my c++ first person based character.

However, now I realize that there is motion blurring if I look down on my character and I can’t remember I ever noticed it that heavy with the Mixamo character.

Here are some pictures, although if you just take a picture, it might not look that terrible. But in a video, the body would blur a lot more, almost like “flickering” or something like that.

Standing still (everything okay)


Walking (blurred heavyly)


The Post Processing settings are the default ones for Motion Blurring. Another thing I tried was to add the mesh to the Blueprint Third Person character demo, but there everything is okay (no heavy blurring or things like that).

So maybe I did something wrong in my character controller?

This is how my first person character blueprint looks like:

The camera component is assigned to the socket by code, since It is not possible in the blueprint (I don’t know why by the way).

ATLL_Character::ATLL_Character(const class FPostConstructInitializeProperties& PCIP)
	: Super(PCIP)
	// Set size for collision capsule
	CapsuleComponent->InitCapsuleSize(42.f, 80.0f);

	// set our turn rates for input
	BaseTurnRate = 45.f;
	BaseLookUpRate = 45.f;

	// Create a CameraComponent	
	FirstPersonCameraComponent = PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject<UCameraComponent>(this, TEXT("FirstPersonCamera"));
	FirstPersonCameraComponent->AttachParent = Mesh;
	FirstPersonCameraComponent->AttachTo(Mesh, TEXT("FirstPersonSocket"));

And then here I have the skeleton. It has a socket right in front of the head between her eyes, where the camera get’s attached to.

So, what could cause this motion blurring when walking? :frowning:

Well, it seems that this problem no longer occurs in 4.7. So I mark this as fixed. Don’t know why this happened.

This has started happening to me in 4.12.5 :frowning: