Finally Substance in UE4 :)!

[FONT=Arial Black]Substance_Plugin UnrealEngine- Released

[FONT=Arial Black]Since Substance is a free plugin and josh-allegorithmic won’t mind " I HOPE :wink: “, i provided a direct link ( [COLOR=”#FF0000"]Firedrive ) for the people who can’t download from Github !!![/COLOR]

Substance in UE4 allows games and applications creators to use all the power of Substance to deliver unique experience to the final user:

-Productivity via in-engine look development and texture aspect tweaking.
-Reduction of texture file size on disk: faster downloads, happier players who don’t need to wait days before playing this new shiny game.
-Dynamic texturing via runtime modifications / tweaking of Substance textures.

The plugin is available on Github (you need to be logged in), and you can find on our forum all the instructions to use it.

Substance Engine, integrated with UE4, lets users directly import Substance (.sbs, .sbsar) files in their UE4 project. When loaded, the plugin will expose (dynamically create widgets) the substance’s parameters, so that users can tweak them in engine and ask Substance Engine to recompute all the output texture maps that have been defined in the same Substance file.

These parameters can also be accessed via scripting / Blueprint for runtime recomputation of the texture maps.

Substance textures are shader-agnostic and will work as input to any shader.

[FONT=Arial Black]First Tutorial :

[FONT=Arial Black]Kashaar’s Tutorial :

Fantastic! Thanks for the news. Been excited for this!

Thanks! - Is there any cost for this?

With a full integration in Unreal Engine 4, Substance Engine makes the creation of next-gen textures a seamless experience for even the most ambitious of game developers. This integration comes as a free plugin available for all Unreal 4 licensees.
That is what the email from Allegorithmic says.
What is does not say is, how to actually install it. You must have a github account linked to your UE4 account so the Allegorithmic Substance github page appears. Then you look for the dll files in the plugins folder branch, and download.

Download… and copy… where? Anybody?

already have their pack, would be awesome to also get a demo of how to bring something simple (even a static cube) into substance painter (really awesome program), paint it some, and then get it into unreal with the painter textures in place. if anyone has used this program you would love it, some very realistic and cool effects can be achieved very quickly with their particle effects. not played around much with substance designer but see a lot who swear by it, just need a workflow. thanks in advance to anyone who has any info on this.

@Epic: any ETA to get this as part of the standard distribution?

I might be totally off base here, but as I see it what you will want to do is clone that repository and compile it just like you would the master Epic repository and compile it. I would assume that this plugin will eventually get pulled into the master once its been vetted, but for early adopters you can give a go now. I don’t believe there is an “install” process for getting it into the master repo or your fork but I’m sure if you wanted to manually transfer the changes over to your own fork you could do so using a diff/patch.

I would highly doubt the plugin will not cost Unreal Engine users any money,its in the companies interest to integrate substances with as many engines as they can out of the box to promote their tools. To be able to make and work with substances at the art creation level you will need to have their tools/suite. For the power it provides it is well worth the money, it is going to completely replace a part of my workflow once I get 100% up to speed on using them. I’m really excited to see this integration in Unreal!!

Hope that helps clear things up for you.

Copy the Substance folder(in\UnrealEngine-4.0\Engine\Plugins)in the zip to your UE4 plugins folder(C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.0\Engine\Plugins). Launch the editor and goto Windows>Plugins , you need to scroll down and enable Substances, the editor will restart and you should get an error like this guy( UE4 Plugin )

The Substance plugin is completely free for all UE4 users, according to the news letter - whats not free is there tools. Also AFAIK the Substance plugin for UDK was free also.

The plugins are already compiled. I think he is just asking where to put the pre-compiled DLL plugin files.

There should be no need to re-compile the entire engine to just drop in plugins. Also, that source code for the substance plugins doesn’t even contain the entire source code base, just the plugins =p


hehe Oops! Slip up on my part I meant to say that the plugin is likely going to be free as that is standard approach to such things.

I guess I was off base on needing to compile! Thanks for clearing things up I’ll be sure to follow your steps and give it a go then!

Yay that seemed to so something. But I get a bunch of more errors than that guy and the sbar files still won’t import.

I’ll give it a rest today, and try tomorrow.

Man this is going to be so cool for some textures that I wanted to change on the fly!

Nothing but errors for me as well. Are there any specific instructions on how to install this plugin?

Judging by the thread linked above on the Allegorithmic forums it looks like you do need to compile their version of UE4 to get it working with the plugin because they had to make changes to the engine itself for it to be supported.

Well that sucks, since I don’t have Visual Studio and I’m sure not everyone using UE4 are programmers so compiling isn’t an option for many :\ Is there is solution for non programmers?

The GitHub link gives me a 404 error…

You need to be login :wink:

Super pumped for this!

I know, i am :smiley:

The developers have put some detailed instructions here: