Film and scene coloring post-processing effect from 4.14 to 4.18?

Hello guys. Recently I went from version 4.14 to 4.18 (yes I was away from game developing for a while). But unfortunately the post process I used to have looks very different. So I tried to compare the post-processing settings of version 4.14 and 4.18. I found out that the film and scene coloring settings are not there anymore. Below on the screenshots, you can see the difference between the 2 versions. I believe film and scene coloring settings are the problem here as they do not exist in the latter version. How could I achieve the same effect without those settings?

Post process settings have been changed to be more dynamic and controllable based on ranges. The previous settings for Film and such were the global parameters that controlled the screen. With tone-mapping, that can be controlled specifically on the ranges that you want to control, such as midtones, highlights, etc.

There is no way to “translate” Post Process settings from Engine Version to Version. You’ll have to reconfigure the Post Process again to your liking. It was a tool extension; however, it gave much greater control to the user over the variances that it can create.