Filling an array with actors from Content Browser

I can currently fill a TArray with items that are already inside the editor but cant reference those from inside the content browser, I’ve been searching around a bit but couldn’t find or figure out how to make it work I saw TAssetSubclassOf “Points to a subclass of the defined baseclass that hasn’t been loaded yet, but can be by request. Used to point to Blueprints instead of basic components” which sounds like what I want since I turned the c++ items into blueprints (inherited from the main class) but I’m pretty lost for something that seems so simple, trying to fill a TArray with the items chosen from the content browser so I can randomly choose one and spawn it. sorry for the newbie question I’m pretty new to unreal but trying my best to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me out I really appreciate it <3

Make a TArray of TAssetSubclassOf then. You can use template type (you know once with <>) inside template type, so don’t be scared of trying it.

Asside of those Asset pointers and weak object pointers, remeber that Content Browser is just Asset Registry viewer which APIs you can find here to directly interact with assets: