Fill complete indoor level with light?

Hi, i would like to know, if there’s a way to fill a room (for example) with light. Without using pointlights, because they don’t fill up everything with light perfectly.

Hi, no i don’t have a Skylight in use. I also wouldn’t know how to use the Skylight to fill my indoor level with an equal lighting.

Putting a skylight in my scene, doesn’t really change anything.

Ok, i played around a bit and came up with this:

But this is not what i ment. I would like to have the whole level filled up with a constant light.

Hello Reaper2k,

Do you have a skylight in your scene? Skylights are typically used for ambient and fill lighting. The other way is through the use of spot lights and using recess lighting. This way you can illuminate the walls and use the light bounces and indirect lighting to illuminate corners of rooms.

So, in your modes, under lights drag and drop the skylight into your level and see what you get. This lighting system is used primarily for ambient lighting for indoor and outdoor scenes.

Ok, sorry for the earlier confusion. I set up a test project and I came up with possible solutions to this. There is a directional light. This supplies a constant light from a certain direction. This light affects the meshes you see within your scene and will fill the world with light. However, this does not affect anything other than the meshes. So, the large black are you see, that is just empty space, will remain black.

In order to fill this with something, say a sky, there is one that is part of the Engine Content in unreal. To see this navigate to your Content Browser. In the bottom right hand corner of this area is an eyeball with " View Options " next to it. Click on this. This will bring up a small window with options to enable other folders to be seen. One of them is " Engine Content. " Select this. This will enable the Engine Content folder to be viewed within your Content Browser. At first you will see nothing because you are still looking within the Content Folders if you started with no Starter Content. Click the folder next to the word Content in the Content Browser. You will see that now you have many other folders to choose from. Click on the Engine Content Folder. Now, in the search field, type in Sky. This brings up a list of assets with the word " Sky " in the name. The first one that you see should be BP_Sky_Sphere. Drag and drop this into your level. This will create a sky that will illuminate your entire world. You will probably see an evening type lighting when you first put this in your project. From here you will want to add a directional light to your scene. Then navigate to the BP_Sky_Sphere details tab. Under the “Default” section you will see an option to assign a directional light actor to influence the sky sphere. What this will do is allow the directional light to set the time of day based off of the angle the light is pointing.

I hope this helps and if you get lost please post again.

Hi, the picture above was just an example. I have an indoor level. Closed, with no possible way to let light from the outside in.
Below you can see a screenshot of the level.

As you can see, i did the lightning with point lights. But those are not what i want, because they provide a too inconstant lightning (as you can see in this second image).

Ok, so you are looking for a more constant flood of light that eliminates the areas of harsh influence by the point lights. There are a couple of ways that come to mind. One is to use only a directional light and turn off cast shadows. What you will be doing is influencing the entire scene. Turning shadows off with eliminate the shadow cast when the directional light hits the outside of the walls you created.

You could also add emission to your materials effectively faking light. My last thought is to add a sky sphere as I suggested in the previous post. As you have walls you will never see it. Then add a sky light to the scene. Without the sky sphere the sky light doesn’t have much influence. However with the sky sphere in your project the sky light can provide a source of ambient light that should effectively add an even illumination.

Hey, thanks! I think i now understand your solutions. I will try them. Thanks for the help!

I have same problem, closed rooms, with Directional light + cast shadow off did the trick… I could kiss you.