Feedback for those testing the VR Launch Kit Beta

This is a thread for those people testing the beta of the VR Launch Kit that we’re working with HP on providing. The first phase of the release involves a semi-private beta where we’re just trying to limit the audience and get feedback to finalize the public version. This forum is where the feedback should go.

How can I participate in this?! Or is it closed invitation only?

I think we’ll be slowly inviting people to it, so it’s a good idea to express interest here. The web page we’re building will explain what this is in much more detail. This project is really focused on providing both VR demos around AEC and MFG and method of profiling hardware performance. We wrap it all up with learning and provide as much of the assets as we can to help others learn how to do these things. It’s all free, of course.

Excellent, I am very interested (hint hint ;)). These subjects are something I am very interested in pursuing. Once the web page is finished could you post onto here please? Or will you be creating another thread?

It would be interesting to test and experiment with and to see how many things have been added, so it is possible to get it as a beta?
I developed my own version of a VR interaction kit ( for both Vive controllers and VR gloves ), so it would be very interesting to test this :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, this isn’t focused on a particular template effort per se. It won’t be delivered as cleanly as what we’re shipping in Unreal Studio. However, it should be exposed sufficiently that people can reuse the elements we provide. It’s more of a “project” than a “template”.

Interesting! Following Expressing Interest :wink:

Also expressing interest!

Also interested in testing this.

Just a glimpse of the architectural dataset:

Interesting! Following

Im Interested too…

Color me interested aswell, I’m all for AEC dedicated profiling tools ! :slight_smile:

Here’s the Solidworks “Unreal Bike” we’ll be releasing:

Very interested in participating.

Very interested from the MFG/NX side.

Would be nice for me to be in the list of beta candidates. >25 years providing 3d & 4d & BIM consulting for AEC customers.

Hi Ken,

Really interested in this. AEC field.

already emailed you Ken but just making my interest public! very excited to see this.

It’s coming. We got delayed by having to rework the profiler portion of the project - which is a shame as the demo portion is all working fine. I think we’re a couple weeks out from publishing this now.