[FEATURE REQUEST] Parametric Light Shafts in Light Actors

This is in concert with what darthviper107 posted in the forums:

I’d like LightActors to have a consistent properties tab for Parametric Light Shafts that do no require Blueprint hookup. I am aware that there are some Blueprint features to register lighting associations with lights, but I like more control put inside the LightActorProperties.

I also want to have the option to turn the Light Shaft on/off via Kismet (Blueprint) and respond to light flickering textures (next FEATURE REQUEST

  • Light Shaft – True\False
  • Intensity
  • Color (I’d like it to default to the lights color, but having a color ship option to change it is very helpful.)
  • Beam Shape: Rect, Circular, Custom (Custom Mesh)
  • Origin (Defaults to light’s local XYZ)
  • Offset (Local XYZ)
  • Length (UU)
  • Size – Start (XY)
  • Size – End (XY)
  • Mapping (What type of UV mapping it uses.)
  • Material
  • Has Lens Flare – True\False
  • Lens Flare Target
  • Has Bokeh – True\False
  • Bokeh target

Hi, is there any update on Light Shafts in Light Actors yet?

Hi Shashank,

All of our currently released information on Light Shafts can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. This request is still being considered by our rendering team and has a possibility of being implemented. We will let you know if this changes.



Hi Alexander. Checked your links out. I had seen them before but wasn’t sure how to use them in Blueprints. Got a beautiful Bloom based Light Shaft! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Second this request - or third it, I guess technically :slight_smile:

Hey David,

I’ve put this in for the team to look at. Thank you

Best Regards,


Thanks, Ryan !