[feature request] lightmap manual adjustements (ligthmap texture paint after bake)

Dear wonderful UE4 devs,

Doing lightmap bakes, one often will find some unwanted glitches, dark spots, etc.
It would be very helpful to be able to correct those by hand e.g. hand paint lightmaps with system similar to texture paint already present in UE.

I mostly work with archviz / VR scenes, and this ability would greatly improve our workflow and artistic/creative possibilities. I’m aware that the “proper” thing to do would be to fix the asset / scene light setup, but in some cases this would be way faster/easier. Also, this would make creative hand-made lighting adjustments possible in the scene.

TL;DR; - feature request for manual paint strokes in 2d lightmaps / volumetric lightmap field after bake for practical and creative purposes