[Feature Request] C++ ActorComponent importing/exporting


Whenever I implement a new ActorComponent and I want to use it in a different project, I have to create a new one and copy/paste my old code. This works, but can easily lead to problems and it’s a waste of time.

There should be an easier/more elegant way to export an ActorComponent so it can be reused in different projects.

You can Migrate your ActorComponent from one project to another. This will also migrate any dependencies.

This works OK for blueprints and some other assets, but I don’t get the “Migrate” option when right clicking on my ActorComponent. I checked both provided links and didn’t really address Actor Components. I guess an Actor Component is not an asset?
It’s worth mentioning that I created the Actor Component as a C++ class.

That being said, thank you for your answer!

What i do is create a plugin for useful classes, you can use plugins between projects very easily!