[Feature Request] blob shadows

Hey Devs! So i thought of a nifty feature that would solve some problems I’ve seen come up in the answer hub at times. I would try my hand at making it myself but I’m not that savvy with the c++. It would be great to have the ability to make blob shadows that Unity4 has. It fakes out AO in that it projects a shadow at the base of an object that is under the “projector” this would help for dynamic lighting to just drop a blob shadow on a building or anything stationary to simulate a dark shadow that fades out the farther away from the center of the projects cone.

Hi EyeDee10Tee,

There are currently no plans to implement this as a standard feature, but this method was actually used in the Showdown VR Demo that is freely available in the Launcher > Learn tab > Engine Feature Samples.

If you have a look at the CharacterSkelMeshes and the BP_Car Blueprints you can see the mesh and materials that are attached to these Blueprints in the components panel.

These should be a good starting point for you to create your own to add to your assets in your project.

Thank you!


ok cool! thank you for the reply!