[FEATURE] Lighting Channels (with a caveat)

I really like and support the progress that the lighting team is making and ss long as I have an Integrated Partner option like Geomeric’s Enlighten, I’m good. So it’s not really missing from the engine. I think it is a good idea to keep it as an Integrated Partner Option.


Lighting channels would help to restrict dynamic light overlap. Maybe? If dynamic light overlap is something to consider, that is.

But I do miss lighting channels from a purely artistic point of view. Often, lighting can be considered a form of visual art, like painting. Some users may like to be more experimental and / or expressive. Interactive experiences tomorrow may not behave or look like games today. The motivation here is to build for tomorrow by supporting the dreams of today ?

Hey David,

I have put in this request for the team to consider. Thank you.

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Thanks, Ryan !

I like the old analogy of “broadcast” and “receive” via “channels”. It was really intuitive and slick considering light is a wavelength phenomenon (and a particle, I know :slight_smile:

Cheers, man


I hope to see light channels as well, convenient for multiple camera setups