FBX Importing textures UV Problem

Hello everyone, i have a problem, i have created a level in Cinema 4D, same as every other software, i create the rooms etc I put the textures and UV Mapped them. The problem comes here, when i import it to Unreal Engine 4, when i put the materials with the textures the whole thing, the textures are not UV Mapped, what can i do, please?

Thanks — Sergi

Hi Sergi,

Can you post a screen shot of your UV setup in C4D along with a screenshot of your imported FBX’s UV in UE4?

Also, if possible can you post a simple test FBX asset that is giving you this issue? I can import that into 3Ds Max and verify that the UV information is getting saved with the FBX. This way we can rule out a couple of issues as well.

Thank you!