Favorites menu not working in UE5 User Widgets

I noticed this problem in UE5EA and today I verified that it’s still present in UE5.0.1, I have submitted a bug report, can you please upvote it? :heart:

How to replicate

  • Open/Create a user widget
  • Click on the star on the left of a widget template (It should be added to the top menu “Favorites”
  • Click on the star of another widget template

Expected behaviour:

  • Widget should be added to the favorite list


  • Widget replaces the current widget on the favorite list, allowing only one favourite per time


I hve the same problem. Still there in 5.0.3. I voted for the bug report.

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It’s nice that it’s been marked as “Fixed” on May 28th, but it’s still not working in 5.1.1:

@V1NZG I saw your name in the GitHub commit, can you please give us more info about this issue?

P.S. I’ve already submitted another bug report.