Fatal error when build lighting

You need to put a lightmass importance volume into your level that covers the landscape. However, i dont suggest using static lighting with large environments since RAM will be an issue eventually and the level will take up too much disc space because of the lightmaps.

Hello everybody,

I just finished my terrain (its quite big) and i wanted to rebuild my lighting. I neer had a problem with this, but now i get a fatal error.
I uploaded a screenshot of the error just below.

Im working wit 16 GB RAM, but it seems as i run out of memory. And i dont have enough money to buy more memory, so whats about this swarm agent? Can it help to solve this problem? And how can i use this then?

Well, i have a day & Night cycle with a blueprint, using a directional light and one BP_Sky_Sphere. Also my problem is the second error, not the lightmass importance volume. My directional light is moveable, to make the day and night cycle possible. What do you mean with static lighting?

ah nice, thanks very much. Have a nice Day !

If you have a day & night cycle you already dont need to build the lights since you are using dynamic lighting(movable lights.) Go to World Settings and enable Force no Precomputed Lighting, then build the lights one last time and you are good to go.