Far distance lights

Hi there, I’m trying to build up a scene with turbines. When it goes to darkness, the lights should really show up from a long distance.

The spot light sound ideal, how ever it cuts of by it’s cone, and not able to make to the coast. A very high intensity of a point light can be seen from land, however I think that it’s actually is the ligth reflecting on the turbine you can see. Also, when the turbines are on, due to the light being in more reflected, It’s not blinking when the blades goes round.

How do I get that spot light effect from a long distance?


You can mix the spotlight that you have with a Directional light with a lower intensity to make a global illumination that reaches the coast

Hope this helps!

Thank you AngelBieliukas.
What do you mean by mixing? Adding the directional light as a child?

Do you have any examples?
I’ve been going through a lot of light tutorials at this point, and my issue doesn’t seem to have a lot of focus :blush:

I’ll try to see if I can figure something out with your approach, but if you have some more hints I would be very grateful.



not a child, just adding the light in the scene, there is a concept called “three point lightning”

here is a link to a explanation of what it is

if the moon light you are using is a point light, it only works on certain radius, and bigger the radius is, less light will reach the outer radius.

with a directional light, you can light an entire scene even, the light will not fade.

if you use the directional light with a low value on intensity, and maybe a blueish color, you can light the scene as night, while using the point light to make the moon, you can use another point light closer to the coast, there is no need to only use one light in the scene

hope this helps!

Arh thanks,
I did not really get this to work, the lights are placed 13 km/8 miles from the coast. I could use the reflection inside a white cone, and then the white cone got lit up, but that exploded the light on to the turbine. Actually it could maybe had been a good idea to scale everything down. I did however used an emissive material, and made it blink. Here is a frame. I’m ok with the spot light at this point, but there is for sure a lot to learn about this.
Thank you for your help.