Failed import when making Exe

I’m trying to make an .exe but I get these errors, twice.

LoadErrors:Error: Error /Game/Maps/LevelKyle : Failed import for BillboardComponent /Game/blueprints/BP_BlinkingLight.Default__BP_BlinkingLight_C:Billboard

LoadErrors:Error: Error /Game/Maps/LevelKyle : Failed import for ParticleSystemComponent /Game/blueprints/IA_SwingDoor.Default__IA_SwingDoor_C:DeleteItemPSC

Ok it failed to import why, it working in the editor. This is the code for the first one what is wrong with it? I added this just so I could see them in the editor while I’m working. In constructor

EditorIcon = CreateDefaultSubobject(TEXT(“Billboard”));

static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder PowerTexture(TEXT(“Texture2D’/Game/Textures/PowerLight.PowerLight’”));

EditorIcon->Sprite = PowerTexture.Object;

EditorIcon->ScreenSize = 0.001f;


I use this code elsewhere it seems to by fine except here. At least it told me what the error were this time, other time it just said failed. I attached the whole outlog if someone need to see more.

link text