Failed building, Pointer, vector problem

Failed building, i linked the pictures which shows the error.
I browsed through the forums and the internet but I couldnt figured out the problem. Can you help me? :slight_smile:

Because this is functions, not variables. It must be:



It worked! All the errors dissappeared which referred to my project.
But now I got another error which I cannot understand how, it doesn`t refers to my project.

this means wrong cast operation. re-check all your cast operations that it uses right types.

I have only one cast in my code.

USceneComponent* PlayerMeshReference = Cast<USceneComponent>(GetMesh());

Wait I have another one:
USceneComponent* PlayerCameraReference = Cast(GetFollowCamera())
I commented this line out and it built succesfully!
Whats the problem with this cast? :slight_smile: Btw Thanks for the help!