Facial animation with sprites

I have a texture thats been broken into individual sprites for use in animating a 3d model’s face. However, since the texture breaks into sprites, I am unable to apply them to the model. How can I do this?


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did you find some method ? i am super interested to know a good pipe to acomplish this

The way I am trying to do it is by creating a material that uses a flip book to control which frame of the facial expression to display (you can also use time nodes to have the material animate) - I am controlling the frame via blueprint but might try to animate the mouth when the npc is talking.

You will need a model with multiple materials - one for the whole face or eyes and mouth and then at least a separate one for the body etc.

Here is an example of a mouth material I made based on animating 2d textures.

You will see I have an unattached set of nodes you could apply to animate the texture. But currently I control the frames via Blueprint…

You can add that texture to the material slot on your mesh and create a blueprint to control it. Obviously here its a demo so I am creating a dynamic texture right before I modify the frame param. But you’d want to create the dynamic material instance once during the setup of the blueprint and then set the material reference to a global and have separate functions to actually update the face expressions.

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