Externally referenced map check warning? Cant build lighting now !?

MapCheck:Warning: Warning M_M_work_PrivateBathHouseMerge StaticMeshComponent /Game/Maps/BathHouseResort/Section_PrivateBathHouse_LowPoly.Section_PrivateBathHouse_LowPoly:PersistentLevel.M_M_work_PrivateBathHouseMerge.StaticMeshComponent0 : Externally referenced

Thats the warning message i get… and i cant build lighting now… This happened after i went from 4.9 to 4.10… wtf is happening? I can still open the maps just fine… what is wrong here?

rename your copied 4.10 folder to the original name (delete the 4.10 extension part and rename the original one to something else)

THat worked for that warning, but im still having issues… sometimes i click the build button and it literally exits unreal editor with a crash. No crash message… it just vanishes. Other times it gives me a warning about missing HLODs or something… and i have no HLODs in use. How can 4.10 have demolished this engine so bad!?

This engine has effectively become UNUSEABLE. If i cant build i cant have a product.

It seems like it crashes at the initializing swarm part…

UPDATE Looks like it will build alone, but not with swarm coordinator on .

UPDATE AGAIN I was wrong… it will not build alone… it will fail… and teh swarm agent will be doing something with the progress bar moving and everything, but the editor already says it failed…