Exported game to .exe and it runs really slow with little to no actual game content..

I just made a small collect presents game and when I load it it runs smooth on the editor but slow on the export. I searched but idk how to change this and it’s killing me! My game is actually small and it shouldn’t be running this slow. I tried changing some settings but I’m scared to mess up stuff. Like the deafault FPS or the smooth FPS option… But it’s still not working

Hi CatalanGeneral,

I had a similar issue with the last game-jam project. I never quite solved it at it’s source, but this is what I did to fix it:

In your packaged project, open up YourProjectFolder\Saved\Config\Windows\GameUserSettings.ini

Then you can change numbers in the “ScalabilityGroups” section (0-4)

(What was happening in my case is that the graphics settings would get maxed on packaging)

Ultimately the best solution would to be able to package out a project with the Scalability settings pre-set.

Hope that helps!