Exported game to .exe and it runs really slow with little to no actual game content..

I just made a small collect presents game and when I load it it runs smooth on the editor but slow on the export. I searched but idk how to change this and it’s killing me! My game is actually small and it shouldn’t be running this slow. I tried changing some settings but I’m scared to mess up stuff. Like the deafault FPS or the smooth FPS option… But it’s still not working

Hi CatalanGeneral,

I had a similar issue with the last game-jam project. I never quite solved it at it’s source, but this is what I did to fix it:

In your packaged project, open up YourProjectFolder\Saved\Config\Windows\GameUserSettings.ini

Then you can change numbers in the “ScalabilityGroups” section (0-4)

(What was happening in my case is that the graphics settings would get maxed on packaging)

Ultimately the best solution would to be able to package out a project with the Scalability settings pre-set.

Hope that helps!

I know it’s quite late to respond but that worked perfectly!

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Hello, I have the same problem. But I don’t have a Saved folder in my PackagedProject. I searched through all the files, I don’t have a GameUserSettings.ini file.
How can I do ?

Hi Gheu,

You might need to launch the packaged game once for the ‘Saved’ folder to generate.

Best solution would be to add some graphics setting in game to not be locked into the scalability settings all together. But yes it is strange that unreal does not export the current settings into the ini file.

OK, I understood why it wasn’t generated :
It’s because I had package in Shipping mode.
It is present when I package in development mode !

what would you have to change the numbers to?