Exploring Sequencer, a powerful new cinematic tool - Live from Epic HQ!


With the release of 4.11, Sequencer is now available as an experimental feature! , and are joining us to explore this amazing new tool and to show off how many features it’s packed full of. Cinematics just got a lot more fun to make, so come by and see the action!

Thursday, April 7th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]



  • Director Cinematic Production
    Chen - Lead Cinematics Engineer
  • Sr. Cinematic Designer -
  • Community Manager -

Got questions? Feel free to ask here or during the stream!

What is planned for sequencer and cameras beyond this initial release in terms of features/camera types/post effects?

I look forward to this stream :smiley:

I remember Matinee so it’ll be interesting to see what’s improvements Sequencer has.

Very interesting to this stream because I can’t have this “Specialized Viewports” with the 4.11 release. There’s no “cinematic viewport” in my perpective dropdown menu…

Yay for more Sequencer info.

I know that the recorder tool is not live on 4.11, but will you be able to import in replays from lets say a packaged game for editing?

Thanks =)

I agree with this. Is this more of a what’s coming to sequencer stream, or what we can do now in experimental mode? Doesn’t seem like the documentation matches up with what’s available on the 4.11 launch.

We’ll be talking about both. We have on to drive the editor and show a little about all the tools, then and can talk about how it got here and where it’s going next. Please ask any questions you like here for them, I’ll be adding everything to the Q&A sheet for the stream.

Thank you!
1- How to set the Specialized viewport ?
2- Facial animation doesn’t works on preview but works when render video
3-How to import audio working (scrubbing) and bake with the movie export
4-Do we have always to set a camera to “player 0” for “render movie” working? (suggestion: Render movie button have to works by default from a range in the timeline without setting anything :wink:
5-Keep going this way with this plugin , you will be the next movie-web-series productions tool :slight_smile:

Is this going to replace matinee?

Can you show what VFXs which we will ba able to use?

Sequencer can blend animation?
In UE3 it be possible in mateni, but in ue4 matinee can’t blend animations T_T


  • With sequencer, will we be able to export individual frames to 32bit .exr file format? (for highend cinematic/film quality)
  • How do you see sequencer progressing? Will it further enable unreal to be usable in animated film production?
  • Sequencer in 4.11 doesnt look like the one shown at gdc, will that version come with 4.12?


Ah! Brilliant. I will have to tune in to this one!

Yeah, more Sequencer goodness =)

+1 on that; that sounds particularly useful for games like Unreal Tournament that have a replay system, where people like Zaccubus go in and record footage for various purposes (both Training/Tutorials and Highlight/Frag videos).

[QUESTION] Is sequencer able to capture and record 2 videos at the same time. Let’s say foreground objects and background objects recorded separately as different layers, for mixed reality trailers.

Please more about live recording (by control character on scene).
It is planned to introduce new hotkeys and make editing by keyboard more director-friendly?

Will you add the long awaited and promised Music Sequencer?

can variables in an actor be changed through the sequencer? aka a colour changing float variable animating

Probably a silly question but Will you be able to render out image sequences and a sound mix for use elsewhere…

also can you render out 360 sequences as well from this?