Exploring Sequencer, a powerful new cinematic tool - Live from Epic HQ!

A quick question. How are spawnables handled by the system?

Just see the live stream. Just update to 4.11.1 and…no cinematic preview viewport with window guideline like the stream demo and they were more icones in their Sequencer panel as our version , and no lens camera choices with eyedrop DOF… Can you tell me in wich version we can have the same as what is showing on your events?

Thank you.

aw it’s on during the night, will have to watch the recording later

I missed the stream but it would be great to know whether or not audio export will make it in 4.12? If not then is there any sort of ETA?

Same here, 4.11.1, no icons, no player icons in viewport(they remain lower left corner in the sequencer window ), and no “CineCameraActor”, what version of sequencer do you use in the Twitch stream?

I missed the live stream, but did watch the recorded version - one thing I didn’t notice being talked about was whether or not Sequencer can be used for non-camera driven sequences. For example, a complex matinee-style sequence that can be viewed whilst walking around/VR. Has anything been discussed on this?

This would be totally legit. I dont see why its not doable, that way, or utilizing the demonet driver.

Pity that none of the questions asked here were answered. I noticed this a couple of times now, only questions asked on twitch are answered. I know you guys have a tight schedule, but it would be nice if you could make a list of the questions asked here and answer them first during the QA segment of the stream.

Which ones weren’t answered? I had come back to the questions here and asked as many relevant ones that they could answer during the stream. We’ll be doing a follow-up training stream, so I want to make sure anything missed is added to that one.

I’ve always found animating precise camera movements (rotations) tricky in Matinee so I’ve taken to doing it in Maya and importing the FBX into Matinee. Is sequencer going to have a way to import camera animation from another 3D package?

Says in the video that they are using 4.12 from GitHub

Thank you Steve , I’ll wait for the official 4.12 release because GitHub is for Programers! Not really for artists :wink:

I didn’t manage to catch this stream, but I still have a question related to this. My understanding of this tool so far is that in order to use Skeletal Animation, you are meant to import animation from an external editor like Maya, 3ds Max or Blender. Would you guys look at building basic skeletal animation tools into this tool in the future? Things like recording animation in-game, importing replays, blending existing character animations, or tools for authoring skeletal actor animation from scratch. I understand that it’s early days for thie sequencer right now, and that you guys have to focus your efforts. But still, will you be exploring this avenue?

I heard mention of this tool including some basic skeletal animation tools, but that was a while ago.

+1, I always have trouble importing my cameras from Maya in Matinee, I think it should be a BASIC function in the Sequencer to import fbx cameras correctly.

I wasnt on the stream to ask some question. Maybe someone from Epic can answer to it:

  1. Lets say I make a slow-motion to my shot. Will the thumbnail update in the Master shot showing longer sequence? Assuming you have 3 shots (3 blocks in Master) and I change the speed to 0.35 in the middle one. It can be hard to adjust the third block to the middle one.
  2. Can we change Volumen and Pitch in the Sequencer?


It wasn’t really clear from the answer in the stream… is crossfading or other transitions coming in the future? now there are only hard cuts…

Maybe with a transition track inbetween the two shot tracks ?

Of course the scene has to be rendered twice then, but maybe with two GPU cards, one for each camera, or when gpu’s are more powerfull…

Another thing i’m wondering about… if you want to change a prop or something in the scene, can you change it in all shots/takes at once?

Having played around with Sequencer in 4.12 P1, I can confirm that you can use Sequencer to drive cutscenes without having to have cameras take over the action. Shots still work as you’d expect. This is [FONT=Comic Sans MS]super good.

It’s not working in 4.12 either, even though it’s present there in options. Nothing happens if you try to enable it. Looks like they used 4.13