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3-step decontamination passage:

Made drones in blueprint with adjustable behaviour, e.g. patrolling/stationary, detecting player with different methods, moving to / hunting player, scanning player, returning to patrol…


Some self-made futuristic architecture:

Created a little stage:

Tests for vectorizing 2D sources automatically (not manually re-building/drawing) and get them as 3D static meshes in Unreal:

Obstacles for public spaces, like e.g. galleries. Movable version and stationary one with optical feedback on touching :slight_smile:

Creating some more assets…

some fun with the rims:

Testing some desings for monorail transport:

Using the online website tool from donjon…

to create dungeon layouts…

then bring them automated in Unreal to create the basic geometry. Additional assets can be added there, eg. stairs to connect floors, interiors and so on.

Importing satelite data (ground texture, heightmap for landscape, buildings, roads, railways and other infrastructure):

Practising some vector math with pinball mechanics. You can see the game mechanics in action here in this video.

I made just 4 modular models and reuse and rearrange them to build office spaces, testing different material combinations::

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Using FormZ 3d Software to create curvy rooms:

Creating a curve staircase concept over different floors, giving access to and from all 4 sides.

Ground floor with access from 2 sides, then leading up over 2 large ramps to the first floor:

Frist floor leading up to 2nd floor where it provides access to large areas/halls:

2nd and 3rd floor with indication of door-frames for medium and smaller areas/rooms/passages as examples:

Testing some demonstration effects. Video here with hologramm, spinning turntable, others: [


Making some more visualisation/demonstration examples…drone/3dscan/photogrammety + different materials. Video of it here: Testing Demonstration Effects - YouTube

Making some assets for futuristic park exteriors:

Creating a wheel in different parts with the pivots set up for correct rotation of each part.
The profile is flat in the middle for higher speeds at even surfaces and has rougher profile… even teeth… on the outside for e.g. sandy terrain.
As there are different material ID’s set up with their UV’s, it is optional to assign e.g. the (brown) tire a rubber material, and the mint/green teeth a metal material.
I exported 3 different meshes to control their unique rotation in UE4: the wheel itself, its axle and the bracket holding the axle & wheel.

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