Experienced Level-Designer offering services


I do mapping / level-design in Unreal for many years. Next to most of the stuff in UEd for level design (static mesh pipeline, landscape tools, Matinee Sequences, Cascade effects, materials/shaders and so on), I also know blueprint programming, 3d modeling programs (Rhino, max, Blender, formZ, SketchUp…), 2d apps and many other tools like speedtree.

Also I got a large content collection over the years (3d models, PBR materials, textures, sounds…), marketplace packs, my own self-made “winded” speedtree collection with over 500 plants for different environments and more assets that I could bring in.

I have a lot of experience with the production workflow (e.g. modular assets, performance in-game, UE4 specs and best-practise solutions…) and teamwork for collaboration.
For this tasks I also am familiar with the tools for them:

  • source control: Perforce, Git, SVN tortoise, sourcetree…
  • collaboration: Jira, Bitrix, Slack, …

Attached you can see some of my examples with different environments, but I did much more and can make individual ones or work after concept art.

Architectural visualisation videos:

Game-level video: “Valley of the Elves”: Valley of the Elves - YouTube

possessing a robot and flying vehicle: Game-mechanics: possess robot, flying vehicle - YouTube
multiplayer damage trigger: working on game mechanics - YouTube
game-mechanic: 3d buttons: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18d…EvXBbu34460XfU
game-mechanic: text input and output “terminal”, text-adventure elements possible: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Y…cw9dcMf0kESMBZ
pinball with self made assets: pinball4youtube - YouTube

FPS project work-in-progress videos:
desert facility: 3rdPS 1 - YouTube
corridor scene: corridor - YouTube

Creating modular level-assets: creating modular level assets - YouTube

3D modelling with organic NURBS: https://forums.unrealengine.com/comm…anic-3d-models

Self-made 3d Sci-Fi assets video: self-made Sci-Fi assets 2k - YouTube
my youtube channel with more portfolio videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXywLaHVJnpf-nuiwhn9VXg

My Gumroad site: Vollgaser
My Patreon site: Asset Creator is creating Game assets: 3D models, 2D materials, functionalities and more. | Patreon

Send me a PM if you’re interested or get in contact via Discord: ID Vollgaser#5202
Please do not post inquiries here in the thread, as I only like to post screenshots here continuously.






Pirate theme, different time-of-day settings




Rich guys bathroom/spa:




From project “Valley of the Elves”. Video fly-thru here: https://youtu.be/SXsfhxFaHYk

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From project “Gentleman’s room”: a study in bright and dark and their reception of the human eye.

Video here: https://youtu.be/azO1C9Hqt0g


A sunny winter landscape:

Crime scene with truck of the best beer in the world here:

Some Sci-Fi shots:

low-poly, phantasy style:



Bringing real-world landscapes from google-earth into Unreal:


Hello how can I reach you via Skype?


For a horror, zombie, survival project of a russian development company:

Office building for a creative company:



Installing a “foot-rest” and “front-brake” in 3ds max, LOL:

Theme “The Great Day of His Wrath” / End of days, W.I.P.:



Work in Speedtree:


Island for e.g. pirates.


Testing out separate paths for vehicles and pedestrians in a neighborhood environment (not final work):