Expanding Ring Particle effect?

Yo whatsup, I’m trying to get a particle system that looks a little like this ElecF-rings.gif (except one ring at a time.) I’m having a little trouble figuring out how to make it expand like this. Any ideas?

In the content examples (or was it starter content?) there is actually a PS that is quite similar to that. I think it’s called “ring” or “pulse”.
At least check it out and see if it fulfills your desires.

Are you talking about the hexagon thing? This is the only thing I can find under pulse (nothing comes up for ring)

It’s in content examples. Content - effects, only PS in the folder unless I have moved stuff around.

I don’t even have that folder :I

I need to figure out where I got it from so I don’t just share someone elses work. I’ll get back to you if I find the source.

But I found this thread you may be interested in.

Lol okie doke, thank you :slight_smile: