Exclude object from Reflection capture(Movable)

Reflection capture actors dont capture movable objects. It’s SSR in post process that handles dynamic reflections. However, your issue sounds like a volume lighting samples insufficiency rather than reflections. Decrease Volume Light Samples Placement Scale in World Settings > Lightmass and then rebuild the lights. You can also check out the density of volume samples via Show > Visualize > Volume Lighting Samples.

Hi all.

My question is simple, how to exclude or maybe other way fro don’t use movable objects in reflection capture volumes.
The point of my question is the reflection capture do some artifacts on the movable meshes, like flicker material on it(of course its not the flickering effect, its simple gamma, or shadows intensity, or both make effect like this). I saw here on the answerhub question about this issue, but u not answer on that question. So I wan`t to ask this question again.

Simple example: I have a few rooms and doors between this rooms. So all(or almost all) meshes in room is static, but the doors must be movable(press F to open the door I mean). And when I construct my box reflection capture, for the static mesh it`s beautiful to use, but my doors like I say, simply flicker from normal to too much darken. How can I avoid this artifacts? And of course I attached screen shots of this artifacts (First is normal, and second is if I moved my camera on 1 mm, all movable parts in the scene are this black effect.).
Oh, and to prevent your question about: maybe in game it looks fine, the answer is no. In game(standalone, same window, new editor window) it makes same artifacts.

Hi Jacky!

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it`s not the Volume light scale or light mass scale, cause 1st in my scene checked the Force No Precomputed Lights, so I have fully dynamic lights in my scene, and the 2nd is when I delete Reflection Capture from my scene, all assets looks fine(of course without reflections). So I need only that way or maybe some variation of my way with reflection capture…

Oh, i see. Place sphere reflection capture actors to both side of the door(in the middle of the hallway) and see if that helps.

No, it`s actually doesn’t working. I know that I can simple delete reflection capture, but I don’t want it, cause the scene doesn’t looks good like with it.
Attached the images with and without reflection capture.

Is it only that door(or doors) having this problem? If so can you share the mesh with the material for us to take a look?

No, it`s caused on every meshes which I change type to movable(trees, walls, tables etc.)

So, there no way to do this? I hope it will be repaired in 4.11 version. How the people actually do this things and realize it…