Exclude actor from light building


i need to rebuild my lighting because i increased the size of the lithmass importance volume so that a black landscape component turns to color again.
However when i rebuild the lighting grass actors turn very dark.
Is there a way to exclude these actors from lighting rebuild?

Are you building all levels or building lighting only?

Currently you cannot exclude certain actors. It was something you could do in the UDK that you cannot yet do in Unreal Engine 4.

lighting only.
ok, thanks for the reply.

Lighting channels are not possible with deferred rendering. I believe even when it was a part of UDK it was taken out at some point. I cannot remember exactly though.

If you want to exclude an actor from your lighting build there are two options. You can disable cast static shadows for your grass or you can place them on a separate level and make that level not visible. You would need to build lighting separately for each level, but that’s doable.

Also, do you have a skylight in your scene? that could lighten any dark shadows that you’re seeing from the grass.

Edit: ahh, I didn’t read closely. I didn’t know it was even taken out of UDK.

From what Eric has told me this was. I didn’t do a lot of lighting stuff with UDK so I can’t say for sure, but he remembers it being taken out.

Why is it that the grass turns so dark when building light?
There must be a reason for that. It is default lit.
I disabled cast static shadows , but still it turns very dark after rebuilding lighting. Only if i change the terrain component in which it sits it turns light again.

So Fighter (who is awesome) troubleshoots this issue with someone in this answers (and then in the link on the forums) here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/71031/why-are-imported-models-appearing-black-after-the.html

It seems that this is pretty common and involves lighting setups primarily, though the solution was the creation of a second UV channel. I would follow along and sort of try Fighter’s ideas 1 by 1 until something works and something is bound to since he’s A+.

ok works now.
Had to disablle static lighting in instanced foliage settings.
I still am a beginner with UE4. :slight_smile: